I’m a former psychologist turned relationship coach and I LOVE helping individuals and couples reach their ultimate marriage destination. I own my own practice with counselors and coaches called Reflections Counseling & Coaching and I founded Relate: The At-Home Marriage Retreat as well!



I’m a Mom to my three amazing kids and wife to their awesome daddy, and I’m passionate about coaching those who are stuck in a conflict-ridden, boring, or otherwise frustrating marriage to have a life others only dream about!

Why do I love working with this population where there is so much angst and disharmony? The obvious answer is that’s because that’s where my gifts and passions lie but if you want the deeper story…

My parents had four kids and only one of them was interesting (weird?) enough to try to help them solve an occasional marital spat by offering tips and asking them to send notes under the door to one another.  Yours truly. Of course they (wisely) told me to butt out but then also encouraged me in the field of psychology.

I got slightly more official in my practice with my best friend in the 9th grade when I asked her to lay on my bed while I sat in my desk chair, hovered over my dad’s McIntosh Computer (yes, now admittedly a relic), typing fake progress notes and coaching her in her relationship. She and her (now hubs) are still together over twenty years later! 🙂

But assuming you want to know if I’m truly official, just as soon as I could exit my undergraduate degrees of psychology and communication, I married my high school sweetheart and we ran for the hills of Wheaton, near Chicago, attending a top school in the Christian integration of psychology, Wheaton College.

After getting my MA with a concentration in marriage, I immediately began private practice and began to lead at a large Christian Counseling firm in Detroit. Ten years later, I followed my own dream and began Reflections with the desire to use my gifts to reflect Christ to those my staff and I would serve. I love coaching even more than counseling since I get to help even couples who don’t fit any kind of diagnosis but still need tips and tools to have a healthy family life together! I also keep counselors on staff for those individuals and couples facing even deeper issues.

Almost five years and thousands of sessions later, I love running my global practice in addition to the office practice on the Suncoast of Florida. I’m happy to say I’m truly loving living this dream of helping families to thrive.

When I’m not meeting with fascinating people such as yourself or soaking up time with loved ones, I love reading and writing in a major way. I also love getting fresh air and nature time, walking through big city downtowns, baking cookies, and taking nature walks and jogs!

To join me in the conversation about how to improve your relationships, visit my counseling center website @ or my course website >> here <<