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Whether you never really had the chance to thrive or you once soared high together, The R & R Relationship Coaching Programs can make you feel alive again or for the very first time together.

Individuals & Couples who have gone through the program have shared awesome testimonials about their changed lives! The R & R Relationship Repair Program isn’t crazily priced, it isn’t long term and it’s very simple and fun!

I know that if you too put your best foot forward in the R & R program, your results too will be amazing. Couples who have gone through the program report that they:

  • Have improved communication.
  • Have more quality time together.
  • Enjoy intimacy more.
  • Have more recreational time together.
  • Know how to repair after a fight.
  • Laugh together.
  • Know how to de-escalate (calm down) during a fight.
  • Have better self-care.
  • Deal better with in-laws.
  • Have better boundaries.
  • Know how to get through grief together.
  • Grow closer to God together.
  • Meet individual goals with more success.
  • Have more romantic gestures together.
  • Have more consideration for one another.
  • And there are many more positive outcomes, too numerous to list!

There are two components of the program, which are 6-8 modules (1 module per week recommended), RELATE & RELEASE. You can sign up for either one, or try out my signature package if you’d like to do both components for the best results! I’ve included details about all three options below!

I LOVE that you can complete any of my programs in-office with my staff and I -or- online at your own pace using our At-Home Marriage Retreat format!

I’ve also included the option to take only the CORE R & R Programs for those who are on a tighter budget or maybe just want to check things out initially!

The RELATE Course

Communication is key when it comes to a successful marriage. Our RELATE Program © is entirely focused on giving you just that! RELATE will help you to find ways to connect you have always longed for, to let go of the stress that is holding you back!

There’s no need to have huge problems to do RELATE. Literally every couple needs awesome tools, direction, and encouragement for dealing with the issues of life together. As a Relate couple, you will learn to communicate your needs, to find your romance together, and to feel not only better but excited about yourself, your marriage and your spouse. Relate brings you the respect, the love and the fun back into your relationship again or more likely, for the very first time!

What You Get with RELATE:

  • 6 Modules of the Relate Course all videos so you can have them at your fingertips at any time, watching together or separately with specific homework.
  • A Copy of the RELATE Workbook for each spouse.

  • Weekly Personalized Love Notes for each spouse from Your R & R Certified Relationship Coach

  • 3-Month Access to the weekly videos where I teach each concept in the RELATE series.

BONUS #1: A special boundaries video taught by me on how to keep your newfound love just for the two of you!

BONUS #2: A half-hour live session with a certified coach or counselor!

Course Length: 6 Modules over the course of 8 Weeks

RELATE Package Value: Visit my course page here!


The RELEASE Course

Sometimes your stress together as a couple is bubbling underneath the surface. Our RELEASE Program © helps you to uncover the hidden truths threatening to harm your marriage. RELEASE Coaching helps couples to release what is holding them back from their marital promised land and to embrace the deepest love possible.

All couples have a story. RELEASE allows you to share yours in a safe and secure setting. If you’re struggling with  unforgiveness, anger, hurts, and wounds from before your marriage and/or ongoing marriage wounds that continue to occur, RELEASE is for you. RELEASE helps couples to understand patterns, to let go of the past, to truly attach well emotionally like you’ve always dreamed of and to connect sexually, embracing the intimate adventure of marriage as never before! RELEASE has the power to bring you to a deeper marital sweet spot than ever before!

What You Get with RELEASE:

  • Weekly Marathon sessions with your R & R coach guaranteed (up to 2 hours).

  • Weekly Personalized Love Notes for each spouse from Your R & R Certified Relationship Coach

  • A Copy of RELEASE Workbook for each spouse.

  • Lifetime Access to the weekly video access of each concept in the RELEASE series.

BONUS #1: Access to the private FB group for RELEASE where Christa Hardin, founder of the R & R program spends time each day, as well as the other facilitators, giving you tips and answering questions during the course of your work together.

BONUS #2: The 7 Strategies for Effective Communication! (Webinar or Live Coaching)

Course Length: 8 Weekly Modules over the course of 2 months recommended.

The RELEASE Package Value: Call for current specials!

The R & R Signature Romance Package

Wherever you are called to serve, you give it your all. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. The R & R Romance Coaching Courses help you to invest your very best in your marriage too!

If you want to thrive like never before, to invest in the most important human relationship you will ever have, and to create a marriage that is as amazing as it’s meant to be, the R & R Signature Romance Course Package © is waiting for you!

The R & R ROMANCE Program is a complete marital restoration system, designed by a marriage expert for the couple who wants to create a wonderful life together; to experience the blessings of marriage now and for generations to come.

We work together closely in this program, so you can expect results much faster than in our other programs, since we’re engaging every day that you need during the months you are enrolled!

If you want to grow and to heal, to enjoy your marriage again or for the very first time, let us walk you through the entire & R R program series step-by-step. With Christa Hardin, the R & R Relationship founder and master coach as your guide, you will have fun exploring your strengths, your areas for growth, finding the best ways to deal with youe past and present stresses, and bring you to the joyful life you were created to have (Proverbs 5:18-19, Proverbs 18:22, Proverbs 19:14, Deut 24:5, Ecc 4:12, Ecc 9:9)!

In our R & R courses, we have done most of the work for you. We have integrated biblical inspiration and truth with the much of best marital,  human psychology, and client research.

We love helping couples to thrive, and we can’t wait to help you to create your optimal love story!

What You Get:

  • Weekly Relationship Repair Marathon sessions with Christa – up to 2 hours as a couple

  • Individual one hour coaching sessions (wives with Christa, husbands with a male therapist or coach) guaranteed for each spouse weekly – up to 1 hour

  • Weekly Personalized Love Notes for each spouse from Christa
  • A Copy of both RELATE & RELEASE Workbooks for each of the spouses.
  • Daily emails to and from your coach for Q & A (excluding weekends).

BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to the weekly webinar/podcast of the Relate & Release series (14 webcasts/podcasts)

BONUS #2: Ongoing access to both R & R private FB groups 

BONUS #3: The Overflowing Life E-Coaching Session for Your Self-Care! (1 Hour Webinar or Coaching Session)

BONUS #4: The 7 Strategies for Effective Communication! (1 Hour Webinar or Coaching Session)

BONUS #5: Priority for session times available, scheduled up to one month in advance. 

R&R Romance Course Value: Call for current specials!

*Love Note from Christa: Since I spend so much time with your marriage on this package, I can only take a few of these clients at a time so in the case of a short waiting list, working with another another of my R & R Certified Coaches may reduce your wait time. If you’re not in a hurry, I’m usually available within the month!


R & R Relationship Repair CORE packages:

The Marriage Fast Track for Couples on A Budget Who Want to Grow

The CORE CONCENTRATED package includes:

Seven 1-Hour Sessions of 1 of 2 Program Options: RELATE or RELEASE

RELATE OR RELEASE workbooks for each spouse

An R & R Certified Specialist Guiding Your Sessions

A Beautiful Wall Certificate for Your Wall Upon Completion

Pricing: Call for specials!

The CORE COMPACT package includes:

A 2-Hour Turbo Session of 1 of 2 Program Options: RELATE or RELEASE

RELATE OR RELEASE workbooks for each spouse

An R & R Certified Specialist Guiding Your Session

A Beautiful Wall Certificate for Your Wall Upon Completion

Pricing: Call for specials!